Mooring or Unmooring Dues

Ships not exceeding 30,000 tons €100
Ships exceeding 30,000 tons and not exceeding 80,000 tons €150
Ships exceeding 80,000 tons and not exceeding 110,000 tons €200
Ships exceeding 110,000 tons and not exceeding 140,000 tons €250
Ships exceeding 140,000 tons and not exceeding 170,000 tons €300
For every additional 10,000 tons or part thereof in excess of 170,000 tons €15


Additional mooring or unmooring dues at the rate of 15% on the standard rates shall be payable in respect of services rendered between 1900 hrs and 0700 hrs on Sundays and public holidays.

Other charges are levied for additional services in terms of the Regulations (Second Schedule Regulation 29 Tariff for Mooring Services).

For more info click S.L. 499.03