Agency Services

Mediterranean Trading Shipping has been servicing clients from all over the world for over 50 years.  The company’s personnel can perform a range of required services for you including Cruise Ships, Yachts, Bulk Carriers, Oil Rigs, Product Tankers, Exploration and Research Vessels and Naval Units.

Services include:

    • Free Pratique & Port Clearances
    • Technical Support
    • Bunker Supply (In Harbour and Offshore)
    • Fresh Water Supply (In Harbour and Offshore)
    • Fresh Water Analysis
    • Offshore Launch Service
    • Dry-docking
    • Cash to Master
    • Slop / Grey Water Disposal
    • General Waste and Hazardous Waste Disposal
    • Accommodation and Transfer Services
    • Courier Services

Accomodation Options

Find out more about our accommodation options. A selection of hotel and apartments is available to cover principals’ budgetary requests.

Cruise Liner & Yacht Agents

Special attention is taken in hospitality and normal port operations for all cruise liners and yacht agents.

Ship Management

The company offers a wide range of ship management services where expertise is employed on behalf of all ship owners to operate and maintain all types of vessels in a seaworthy condition.

Malta Flag Registration

Providing logistical services to owners wishing to register vessels or yachts under the Malta Maritime Flag, which is the fifth biggest in the world.