Logistics Management

Storage Warehousing & Facilities

The company operates 2000 square meters of covered storage and over 7000 square meters of open space all in customs controlled areas and with berthing facilities for vessels to unload and load, mob and de-mob alongside the same storage facilities on a 24/7 basis.

Forwarding Agents

Over the last 50 years we have engaged with the best, fastest and most cost effective carriers with proven performances for any type of cargo worldwide. The safety and speed of your shipment is our utmost priority.

Transshipment Services

Ship’s spares and stores, as well as transshipment cargo, can be shipped from or delivered to any vessel 24 hours a day. Mediterranean Trading Shipping takes care of all processes and customs documentations. Transportation can be provided as and when required.


If you require land or sea insurance, Mediterranean Trading Shipping can provide cover for any type of cargo.

Engineering Projects

Whilst the company works in close collaboration with local shipyards, you can take advantage of a range of qualified engineers, welders, painters and labourers, along with an affiliated engineering workshops which are seasoned on turnkey mob/demobs projects.