Mediterranean Trading Shipping is proud of its rich history dating back to its inception in 1946. From its beginnings, the company proved to be innovative in the local sphere. Indeed, 1947 was the year in which the company hoisted the Maltese Maritime flag for the first time.


Owned by the Sullivan family, Mediterranean Trading Shipping has retained its integrity as a family-run business. The family has proved itself to be comprised of experts in the maritime sector, taking the company to new heights with each passing generation.

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Mediterranean Trading Shipping owes much of its affinity for the Maritime field to Chev. Eric Sullivan F.I.C.S., who penned The Marine Encyclopaedic Dictionary (Lloyd’s of London Press Ltd). Such an authoritative figure was he that a tribute of his legacy may be attested at the Malta Maritime Museum in Birgu (Citta Vittoriosa). A veteran in all aspects of the marine industry, his invaluable knowledge and expertise, which has been the key success of this company, has now been passed on to us as his successors.

The Chairperson, Mrs. May Sullivan, and the Directors along the Team of Mediterranean Trading Shipping Co. Ltd. dedicate this website to him.