Why Malta?

The question is certainly a valid one. Companies in the Maritime sector can hardly complain about a lack of geographical options to work with – why, then, choose to do business on a fairly small island in the middle of the Mediterranean sea? The reality is that there are several reasons that prove Malta to be the perfect choice for Maritime professionals.

One cannot ignore, for example, Malta’s convenient geographic location. Rooted directly between Europe and North Africa, Malta is the perfect stop for anyone wanting to quickly and efficiently travel to either of these two continents. One cannot deny the sheer stunning natural beauty, rich culture, and vast history of the archipelago itself. With plenty of unmissable attractions and plenty of tour options, Malta is not only an attractive stop, but a strategic one for any company manning cruise-liners and yachts.

Malta’s size is deceiving with regard to the huge number of port and berthing facilities it offers. Couple that with entirely reasonable tariff costs and port dues, and it is easy to see that your experience on the island is sure to be satisfactory.

In consideration of the above, how could you not choose Malta?