Though known for its tiny size, Malta’s location is extremely attractive to all Maritime professionals and aficionados. With a 93 km distance from Sicily and a 288 km distance from Tunisia, the archipelago is clearly connected geographically to Europe and North Africa.

It is precisely the strategic convenience of Malta’s geographic position which helped shape its rich and exotic 7000-year long history. The reason for this is that it was such a desirable conquest to myriad historical forces, including, but not limited to, the Phoenicians, Romans, Knights of St John, French, and British. The result of the amalgamation of these conquests is a unique culture characterised by a European lifestyle, baroque and medieval architecture, a legal system based on the British one, a Semitic & Latin language, and various internationally recognised cultural wonders.

An independent state since 1964, the island is no longer subjugated by empires. Its superb geographic location, though, still ensures its prowess as a provider of all kinds of shipping services. With its close proximity to many continents, port facilities situated all around the archipelago, and with a coveted climate characterised by warm summers and mild winters, Malta truly is the heart of the Mediterranean.