Project: M.Y. ARCTIC p 2019 – 2020

April 14, 2022 12:48 pm


Magenta Inc.


Palumbo Superyacht Ltd



Mediterranean Trading Shipping was appointed as agents to oversee the arrival of the yacht with guests and the duration of the planned 6 month dry-docking period at Palumbo Superyacht.


Scope of work

  • Arrival documentation, berth booking, coordination of logistics during Guest period and logistic coordination and liaising with dry-dock company for the maintenance and certification period



  • Mediterranean Trading Shipping (MTS) personnel
  • E. Sullivan & Co. Ltd – Appointed Ship Chandler
  • Frida Transport (Local haulage company)
  • Affiliated limousine service



  • 15th August 2019 – M.Y. ARCTIC p arrival with guests at 0900hrs and anchored outside Mġarr Harbour – Gozo.
  • 15th August   –  Arrival formalities effected at the Gozo customs and immigration offices.
  • Due to weather conditions the vessel shifted to Mellieħa Bay from where permission was obtained to launch the tenders.
  • 23rd August – following cruising around the Maltese coast the vessel entered Grand Harbour and berthed at Pinto 3 at the Valletta Cruise Port terminal.
  • 25th August –  following the disembarkation of owner and guests, the crew commenced to prepare vessel  for the dry-docking period.
  • 27th August –  vessel crossed Grand Harbour and entered Palumbo Superyacht and berthed at Hamilton Wharf South to commence a scheduled 6 month maintenance and necessary surveys.
  • 08th November 2020 – Clearance of vessel to sail to the Caribbean.





The occurrence of the first cases of the of the Covid-19 virus which was then declared as a pandemic in early March of 2019 disrupted the maintenance and surveying schedule of the Shipyard as lockdowns were declared all over  the world.

This brought about the ability of importing into Malta required spare parts and slowing of the work by dry-dock personnel due to restrictions.

Another issue which was faced were crew changes. These were not allowed by the National Authorities until in June of 2020 the Government started organising repatriating flight for Indian personnel working in Malta.

MTS managed to include on these flight Indian Crew from vessel.

The more the restriction where being lifted, the more crew movements could be organised.

Eventually, in November 2020, the vessel was ready and allowed to sail.