April 14, 2022 2:04 pm





F.E. Sullivan & Co. Ltd.



Mediterranean Trading Shipping was appointed as agents for the vessel by Tidewater Marine to oversee and coordinate agency matters and refurbishing works on board the vessel HANDIN TIDE


Scope of work

  • Arrival documentation, booking of the berth in Valletta, coordination of logistics and survey providers employed through company F.E. Sullivan & Co. Ltd, crew changes, clearing and delivery of spare parts and logistic coordination and liaising with dry-dock company for the 5 yearly surveys and necessary repairs and maintenance and certification period



  • Mediterranean Trading Shipping (MTS) personnel
  • F.E. Sullivan & Co. Ltd (FES) – Appointed Ship Chandler
  • Frida transport (Local haulage company)
  • Palumbo Shipyards
  • Platinum Cabs
  • MMH
  • Kamoy Engineering



  • 1st June 2021 – M.V.  HANDIN TIDE arrival from Alexandria, Egypt and berthed at MMH berth Quay west 1 at 08:00hrs.
  • 2nd June – coordinating of several service providers employed by FES for timing and quality.
  • 28th June – vessel shifted to Palumbo Shipyards for repair and maintenance, pilot, mooring party and tug ordered by MTS.
  • 23rd July – vessel shifted from Palumbo Shipyard to MMH after period of repairs and maintenance. MTS organised pilot and mooring party for MMH.
  • 24th July – Kamoy Engineering personnel commenced hot works on back deck with installation of mezzanine deck and locking points in preparation for next project.
  • 26th August – MTS organised pilot and mooring party to shift vessel from MMH to within territorial water for sea trails.
  • 27th August – sea trails completed vessel returned to MMH berth.
  • Continuation of mobilization of the vessel for next charter.
  • 20th September – vessel on its second sea trails period for shake down and trim adjustment.
  • 22th September – vessel returned from sea trails.
  • 11th October – vessel received provisions.
  • 12th October – the HANDIN TIDE sailed for Anchorage area 4 at 0800hrs to receive bunkers and then proceed to Algeciras, Spain.



During the 5 month period of the duration of the stay by the vessel HANDIN TIDE in Malta, Mediterranean Trading Shipping team performed satisfactorily with excellent coordination between the various department when keeping in mind the restrictions imposed by the authorities due to the Covid-19 pandemic in relation with crew changes and importation of spares.


Clients feedback


Hello Alex & Peter,

Thank you and the Sullivan Team for the excellent and invaluable support during our stay.

Once again, we appreciate your help as always through the many years.


Kind Regards,

Lucien A. Shaw, Master

M/V Handin Tide