Project: IDMAR 2018 – 2019

April 14, 2022 11:55 am


Istituto Nazionale di fisica Nucleare (INFN) – Laboratorio Nazionale del Sud (LNS)


Swire Seabed



Mediterranean Trading Shipping was appointed to hire necessary equipment  (vessel) and personnel with ROV capability to transport, install , connect and recovery of equipment from seabed.

The specification for the ROV to be capable of depths of 3500MTR and 2 x 5 function manipulators.

An 8 day time limit was set for a full turnaround


Scope of work

  • Transportation of following material from Catania base

# 1 ITF2

# 1 SHR

# 3 Tripod (plus three acoustic beacons + three battery packs+ three fiberglass poles)

# 1 Hosting frame

# 1 dead load (about 50x50x50 cm  and 700 kg)

#1 wood box containing ROV operable loopback connectors

# 1 rosette with four bottle

  • Mobilization of the equipment on the vessel SEABED NAVIGATOR
  • Demobilization of the SEABED NAVIGATOR



  • Swire Seabed Shipping AS personnel
  • Mediterranean Trading Shipping (MTS) personnel
  • E. Sullivan & Co. Ltd – Appointed Ship Chandler
  • Quayside crane
  • Temporary storage & transportation
  • Frida transport (local haulage company)
  • Affiliated taxi/crew transportation



Safety meeting with client and logistics entities to ensure safe operations

  • 13th December 2018 – equipment collection from Catania
  • 15th December 2018 – INFN personnel visited and witnessed arrival and unloading of equipment onto three local trailers for storage at MTS warehouse
  • 8th January 2019 –  Vessel SEABED NAVIGATOR arrived at Grand Harbour and berthed at  Deep Water Quay (DWQ) 3
  • De-mobbing operation under the guidance of MTS personnel and eventual storage of same at MTS warehouse
  • 9th January – Vessel available for embarkation of INFN personnel orientation and equipment
  • 10th January – vessel cast of to work site at 12:05hrs
  • 17th January – Arrival at Grand Harbour and berthed at DWQ 3 18:30hrs
  • 17th January – post-op meeting and demobilization of INFN equipment by ship’s company
  • 17th January – haulage of INFN equipment to MTS warehouse and eventual haulage to Catania
  • Demobbing completed. Master’s completion acceptance and charter off-hire time established for 21:00hrs/17th



During the meeting between the stakeholders employed by MTS to honour this charter, a post mortem was performed.

It was concluded that MTS and its sub contractor’s performance was satisfactory.